Frequently Asked Questions

Accepting a Proposal
Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I signing an agreement?

It is a best practice in our industry that all work undertaken is covered by an up-to-date and relevant engagement letter – we always endeavour to operate at the highest standard of doing business. This letter ensures we both have a common understanding of what is required to be delivered, for what charge and also lists our general terms of doing business and also anything specific to the services you have requested.

Is the payment system safe?

Yes, our proposal provides a secure, automated direct payment system which will automatically collect all one-time and monthly payments. Your payment information is encrypted, meaning we can’t see your details or share them with anyone else.

Will I have to enter my payment information?

We do require payment for our services up front. You simply enter your bank or credit card details once and we will take care of all the billing automatically, meaning you don’t have to take care of setting up direct debits, paying from an invoice or transferring individual payments. It also means no awkward phone calls from us about overdue invoices! By automating this process, we can focus on the things that matter: you.

Will I receive a copy of the signed contract?

Yes, you’ll receive a copy as soon as you accept the proposal. We will store one on file if you ever misplace it.

Still have more questions?

That is okay. Please call our office on 07 4041 6188 (Cairns) or 07 5391 4747 (Sunshine Coast) and speak to your Accountant. 


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