FNQ Plastics

FNQ Plastics

As a growing business we were at the point where we realised a major need we had was for an accountant who delivers over and above every time. Gone are the days where it’s good enough to go through the motions! We engaged the Trinity Accountants team as we had some big changes ahead of us within our systems and processes and they were already highly recommended.

They guided us through the transition from Quickbooks over to Xero and had full support at every stage.

But this was just the beginning of just how much they have become a crucial component to our business. They also get to understand your business in detail and review regularly on trends to be aware of to enable you to make decisions and move forward with the best information possible.

A good accountant is a necessity to managing strong growth no matter what your size. We can’t recommend Rod, Sue and the team highly enough.


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